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Oreck® Steam-It®


The All-Purpose Steam Wand

The Oreck Steam-It uses steam to remove dirt & grime. The Oreck Steam-It has a unique vapor chamber making it easy to clean above the floor without spilling. It's an easy way to get a deep down clean without the use of chemicals or detergents.

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Just add water, turn the Steam-It on, and it heats up in less than a minute – creating a high-temperature, low-moisture dry steam that quickly removes dirt and deep cleans virtually any hard floor surface. To sanitize those particular hard floor areas just focus the steam on high while mopping for at least 5 seconds.*** It also cleans windows spot-free, cleans kitchen and bath fixtures, tile and grout, helps remove stains from furniture and car upholstery, and even freshens pillows and mattresses.* And surfaces are dry within minutes!


With four attachments, you’re sure to cover nearly every inch of your home.

Utility tool
The slimmer, lighter weight utility tool can be used in place of the main steam mop head when you are cleaning above the floor. Cover it with a microfiber steam bonnet to clean crown moldings and ceiling fans and freshen drapes and upholstery.

Spot brush
The nozzle brush can help you focus steam to clean crevices, rims or tight spots around kitchen and bathroom counters, sinks and appliances.


Spot brush
The spot brush is great for cleaning grout stains on floors or wall tile, as well as soap scum from tough-to-clean tile.

Steam head
The Oreck Steam-It, using the bonnet or your own towel, is perfect for cleaning almost  any hard floor surface.

The squeegee is ideal for getting windows, mirrors and other shiny surfaces spot-free clean.

The Steam-It is quiet and portable, reaches virtually anywhere (even ceiling fans, cabinets and light fixtures), and can even be turned upside down without spillage. There are no expensive replacement cleaning pads to buy, either, because the Steam-It comes with four washable microfiber bonnets. And only the Steam-It has universal cleaning clips that let you use your own household towels. It comes with a 4-piece attachment kit, a 1-year limited warranty, and is tough enough for everyday use. The Oreck Steam-It: a safe, easy, all-natural way to clean your home.

Blogger Reviews

Miss Mustard Seed Miss Mustard Seed describes the kind of clean you get with the Steam-It as like "walk over it with your white socks and your white socks are still white kind of clean."
House of Rose This video from House of Rose shows why she is "super excited" that the Steam-It, with its 6 attachments and adjustable steam, can be used on more than hardwood floors.
Eat at Home With a family of six (and neighbor kids coming in and out, too) homeschooling mom Tiffany thought there was "no way that water only with a regular mop was going to get it for us." But after using the Steam-It® on her vinyl, bathroom and kitchen floors — and even the stovetop — she's a believer in chemical-free cleaning. Get all the pics and details at Eat at Home.
  • Pressurized super-dry steam heats in less than a minute. Dry steam means no damp mess!
  • Works upside-down without spillage for above-the-floor cleaning
  • Fingertip controls and 25-ft. cord make it incredibly easy to use
  • Boasts a wide 11.5 inch cleaning path
  • Deep cleans without chemicals. Can sanitize by focusing steam on hard floor surface for at least 5 seconds***
  • Can be used on most flooring surfaces including marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors*
  • Reusable, machine washable microfiber pads means no expensive replacement pads to buy
  • 1-year limited warranty**
Warranty 1-year limited warranty**
Dimensions 45.5"H x 10.3"L x 4.6"W
Weight About 10 lbs.
Capacity 40 oz.
Cleaning Path 11.5 inch
Cord Length 25 ft.
Reusable Microfiber Bonnents Yes
Tools / Accessories 4 piece attachment set
Watts / Amps 1400 watts
Surface Area Most hard floor surfaces, countertops, tile, appliances and more*

*Not for use on fine silks, velour, very thin plastics, unsealed hardwood, laminates, engineered hard floor surfaces, ceilings, drywall and exterior paint of automobiles, electronics or items using electricity.
**Some limitations apply. For details, see warranty.
***To sanitize hard floor surfaces, focus steam while mopping for at least 5 seconds. Results based on lab testing under controlled conditions. Results will vary based on use of the Steam-It and the surface to be cleaned.